Singapore Personalized Employment Pass and get facilitate to you

Sometime, foreigners feel despair when they have to leave their favorite place Singapore. They find a job; suitable to their profile and apply for Singapore Employment Pass. With the help of it, they come here for earning their livelihood.  Once they have to leave this job for some reason as well as Singapore too. The reason behind to leaving Singapore, they have no work to do and earn money here. Today there is an option to stay in Singapore according to their choice and search a suitable job here only. This is possible only with Singapore Personalized Employment Pass.

Singapore Personalized Employment Pass allows them to stay here up to 6 months and find a suitable job while living here. Means this pass is for the people who wish to search a job and stay in Singapore as per their own qualities. This visa is eligible for five years.
Key Points

  • PEP holders are allowed for job flexibility. They can get hired by any of the employer in any sector of their interest.
  • PEP holder has no need to re-apply for Singapore Employment Pass while changing his job.
  • PEP holder can stay and search for a job up to the period of 6 month. They have no need leave Singapore.

PEP Eligibility Requirement

  • Applicant who is earning minimum salary of Sg $ 8000/- per month, eligible for PEP (The proof of salary, he has drawn last should not be older than 6 months
  • Applicant with P1 category with Employment Pass holder presently
  • Having at least experience of 2 years of working under category P2 and has earned a fixed salary of at least SG $ 34000/- Per annum.
  • Q1 holder is also eligible for PEP in case he has 5 years of experience too along with Q1 pass.

These are the information to let aware for the facilities allotted by PEP. For more detailed information visit our website contact For more check  My Blog.


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