Are You Eligible for Singapore Long Term Visa Pass/ Dependent Pass

Singapore Long Term Visa Pass, as it is describing by its name. This Visa provides permission to foreigner employees to relocate their family including unmarried children up to 21 years old may be step children or legally adopted, Spouse. Singapore Employment pass holder or Singapore Enterpass holder may apply for dependent pass. This Visa holder can stay freely and move in and out of Singapore without any hassle.

This visa holder may be eligible for as long as Singapore Work Visa holder is gainfully employed in Singapore.  His family members, as this visa pass holder may live there, work there and study there as Singapore citizen in renowned schools.

Benefits of Singapore Dependent Pass
•    The dependent pass should be applied by Singapore Employment pass holder at the same time, when he is going to applying for it’s the renewal.
•    Children with dependent pass could enroll in international k12 school of Singapore and they need not to apply for Student Visa.
•    In case a person has S pass and working in Singapore, he is eligible for applying Singapore Dependent Pass. It is being approved by authority for the letter of consent.  This takes 2-3 weeks to approve by the authority.
•    Dependent pass holder could also apply for Singapore Permanent Residence Pass along with Singapore Employment pass holder.

Eligibility Required
•    Family members of EP holder including Spouse, Children may be legally adopted or step children below 21 years are eligible for this visa pass. They need to apply by separately fill up the form.
•    In case of not legally married couple, Fiancé is not eligible for dependent Pass, on the contrary he/ she is eligible for Singapore Long Term Social Visa Pass.

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