PEP Holder May Eligible for Singapore Permanent Residence Visa Pass

One-Visa brings a special type of Employment Pass which is not required any contract letter of an employer. Singapore Personalised Employment Pass for highly qualified individuals who really willing to work and live in Singapore. This Visa provides you the permission to live and work in Singapore for up to 5 years and not tied with any of the employer. This Visa can be applied by the individuals by their own without securing any job first.
On the contrary, Singapore Employment pass may be provided to those people who have already got a job in Singapore. They need to submit a copy of the offer letter, issued by their hirer or employers.  At the time of employment end, the Singapore Employment Pass Holder have to leave Singapore and get cancelled his work pass immediately.  Otherwise he needs to find out a new job and then apply for new Employment Pass.
Singapore Personalised Employment Pass avail a relief from this tension of re-applying for Employment Pass as it do not bound you with any employer. You can live in Singapore for up to six months and search for work suits to your qualification. You can apply for this Visa individually on the basis of your own quality of documents. Now you will be crazy to get to know about the eligibility.  Let me explain it what you need to apply for this Visa.
Eligibilities required:

  • Earning at least S$ 30000/- annually from current employer
  • If you have withdrawn your last salary S$ 8000/- per month, you are eligible to apply for PEP
  • People who have graduated from Singapore institute can also apply for PEP
  • You have applied for P1, and not being unemployed for last six months can apply for this visa pass.

Documents required:

  • A copy of your updated Resume or CV
  • One copy of your each educational certificates from renowned Institute
  • A copy of your valid Passport
  • Copy of Employment Letter issued by your current employer

(Note:  If any of the above said documents not in English language need to be submit original document.)
Being a PEP holder, you may apply for Singapore Permanent Residence Visa Pass after some time. If there is any information, about you want to know in detail feel free to contact at, +65-6407-1579 or visit our website our experienced consultant will feel glad to advice you.


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