Training Employment Pass for Singapore

One-visa is availing Singapore Training Employment Pass to the new foreigner employees.  Singapore Training Employment Pass needs to be allotted to the people for practicing as professional, managerial, executive or specialist nature in Singapore.
Foreigners applying for Singapore Employment Pass must apply for TEP at the same time. If the applicant of Employment pass is under-graduate, training must be a part of his degree program from an acceptable educational institution. Companies may bring foreigner employees to Singapore from their branch offices for training of a professional or executive nature.
MOM (Ministry of Man Power) can consider the degree or diploma of technical certificate holder for Singapore training Employment pass that to be from recognized educational department. There are many more factors for their consideration as like salary, age, company background, current citizenship, related work experience, role, responsibilities etc.

There is a short process to get TEP. People who are eligible for same, given a list as following:
•    Salary should be minimum Sg $ 1800/- pm
•    Educational Qualification requires: A degree or diploma, technical certificates can be considered by MOM.
•    Depends upon type of the job e.g. Professional, specialist or technician
•    Work experience should be at least 5 years for relevant job.
Our consultant can guide you in better way for applying such Singapore Visas. The people, keen to get any Singapore Work Visas may concentrate at here + 65-6407 1579 or + 65-6407 1501 for online information, we also welcomes your email at For more details Please visit


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