Good News for Foreigners willing to settled in Singapore

Now days, as you know Singapore are growing in various industries. There is huge of work in fact lots of work, vacancies in each industry to trying ones luck. The government of Singapore is hoping to increase the population. So that they welcomes to foreigner, especially professionals like professors, doctors, engineers and other diploma or degree holders (from renowned institute). They have revealed a forward thinking means they encourage to visiting foreigners to get job and stay in their country for at least six months.
Employers are hiring locals as well as foreigners. People can apply as per their efficiency. Singapore Work Pass will be providing to the hired people by the employers. The whole expense is being done by employers only. They pay for it. The employee has no need to spend a single penny on it. The employers provide an offer letter to the hired person, and he gets his Work pass on the basis of that letter by one-visa.
Now you will ask why we need Singapore Work Pass. Let me explain, this document allows foreigners to work and stay in Singapore. It is like a permission letter to stay in Singapore for longer than a visitor or tourist visa.
Terms for applying Singapore Work Pass:

  • You and the employer need to be agreed on the salary you will receive from him.
  • The income should be at least SG$ 2800/- pm
  • Need to be holding at least a diploma or degree from a well recognized institute.
  • Should be experienced with certificate at least 3-5 years of professional working.

This Visa is basically described in three parts:

  • The people earning Sg $ 8000/- or more, are eligible for P1 Pass
  • Earning minimum 4000/- and maximum 8000/- Pm could apply for P2 Pass
  • Foreigners, earning income between 2800/- pm to 4000/- may be Q1 Pass holder

One-Visa takes 2 weeks or 15 days for providing you Singapore Work Pass. This company charges loss amount for applying work Pass and gives quality work to it’s clients. This company has updated its satisfied clients review on the website If you are also keen to apply for Singapore Work Pass contact to one-visa at or call any time at +65-6407 1579


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